In the very peculiar economic and social context that prevails within our First Nations, Native Entrepreneurs, who wish to launch a business project, are too often confronted with major difficulties that keep them from reaching their objectives.

We only have to think about the question of the restricted access to capital, the exemption from seizure concepts contained in the Indian Act, the lack of financial partners, mindful of the Natives economic and social development, in order to have a better awareness of the main constraints which Native business people must face.

It is in that environment that First Nations Venture Capital of Quebec (FNVCQ) (Investissement Premières Nations du Québec (IPNQ)) is involved and puts at the disposal of Quebec’s First Nations, funds that could allow them to develop with a sense of autonomy while fulfilling their dreams.

First Nations Venture Capital of Quebec is the only fund in venture capital exclusively dedicated to Members of the First Nations of Quebec. Since its creation in 2001, FNVCQ has carried out more than 7.8 M$ of investments in Native enterprises in Quebec thus allowing the support to, or creation of, more than 400 jobs mostly held by Members of the First Nations.

First Nations Venture Capital of Quebec (FNVCQ) deeply believes in the capacity of the Native Business People and commits itself to promote the economic growth and real independence of the First Nations of Quebec.

Therefore, I invite you to contact our professional team who is very involved, in the milieu in which we live, for all your business projects or opportunities.

Together, let us have faith in the future!

Haskan Sioui M.Sc. Fin. CGA Director General